Drops on OpenSea: An Immersive and Secure Minting Experience

omgkirby x Channel Tres OpenSea drop page
Drops on OpenSea: An Immersive and Secure Minting ExperienceDrops on OpenSea: An Immersive and Secure Minting Experience


Drops on OpenSea: An Immersive and Secure Minting Experience

omgkirby x Channel Tres OpenSea drop page
Drops on OpenSea: An Immersive and Secure Minting Experience
omgkirby x Channel Tres OpenSea drop page

Since our founding in 2017, OpenSea has become the best place to explore the vast world of NFTs.  As we continue to grow, our vision is to create a home for creators to start their journey, and build and engage with their communities. Drops are critical to the overall success of a project, so today, we’re excited to make this process easier, safer and more immersive with our new drop experience!

This new experience emphasizes storytelling, simplicity and security. Here’s a rundown of what’s launching:

  • Creators will soon be able to launch their collections with dedicated drop pages and greater discoverability on the (new) OpenSea homepage.
  • Collectors will now be able to mint directly from an OpenSea page.
  • Drops on OpenSea will have access to SeaDrop, a new, secure open source contract that powers the drops experience so that creators don’t need to create custom smart contracts.

Why Did We Build This?

Launching a new project using today’s offerings is challenging. Creators require technical and creative expertise to make their vision come to life, and collectors need to trust that they are minting from a safe place. We believe that we can solve these problems for both creators and collectors by creating a secure platform to mint directly from OpenSea.

With our new drops experience, we are providing creators with the technical foundation to mint their projects without compromising creativity. Also, collectors can come to one trusted destination for both minting and future sales and purchases.

The New Drop Experience on OpenSea

Let’s dive deeper into what’s launching today as part of this new drops experience:

Dedicated Drop Pages: Drops on OpenSea will have customizable drop pages that provide space for images, videos and more space for storytelling. We wanted to give creators another place to highlight their team, outline their roadmap and more. Drop pages will include information about the drop, the minting schedule, a countdown clock, and of course – an NFT gallery. We’ll also allow collectors to set alerts via email or add to their calendar to remind them when to return to mint.

We’re also making it easier to discover these drops on the new OpenSea Homepage with more places to showcase their collection.

SeaDrop: A key element of drops on OpenSea is access to SeaDrop, a new, open source smart contract that powers our new drop experience. Developing a secure smart contract that can orchestrate multi-stage drops is one of the most important and technically complex elements, and now creators can skip this step entirely by using SeaDrop.

Minting: Once collections are live, the drops page offers collectors the ability to mint directly by connecting with a collector’s wallet provider to submit the transaction directly, without having to leave the landing page or worrying about having to go to unknown third-party sites.

Allowlists: Drops on OpenSea can support allowlists, and store this information in a decentralized way.

What’s Next?

We’re excited to launch our first drop with omgKirby and Channel Tres on September 22! Following that, we will have an exciting calendar of web3 drops coming up, and we’ll be featuring top talent including projects from Warner Music Group, Anthony Hopkins and more.

We cannot wait for more creators to use this experience, and we’ll be launching more updates as we add new drops and continue to improve as we gather feedback from our community of creators, collectors and developers. We’ve also built this new experience with multi-chain expansion in mind, and we’re eager to expand to new mint types, incorporate more analytics, improve storytelling elements and add more allowlist features.

As always, we’d love to hear from you and gather feedback from our community of creators and collectors. We encourage you to join the conversation on Discord, and let us know what you think!

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